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    365 Day Warranty

    More recently this collection is getting a lot of hype because it's worn by Jenny McCarthy on The View.

    I only wish she would provide details about her prescription.

    News Personalities Revolver, 14:48 Speximan: am looking forward to your caps of Robin, have no idea who she is.

    Hope he keeps wearing them when he is "on the air"., 09:43 I too would love to see pictures of Christi Paul wearing glasses.

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    Free Return Shipping

    I think your younger sisters will find that your glasses don't work as well as they may have thought with first trying them on?

    You have to see these frames in person to appreciate them fully.

    Lv2c4i, 07:15 Check it out for yourself, but it seems that maybe Mika is wearing another slightly different frame this morning?

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    And who will next be spexy for all to enjoy?

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    The photochromic lens that goes light to dark with UV exposure, has been around for a while and continues to improve annually.

    The scientists at Transitions have figured a way to get the molecules that darken to line up in a row, essentially creating a direction filter that behaves like a static.

    Now i think it is about 3 years ago that she found she needed glasses again.

    Her commenting that she was now able to see the monitor i'm sure was true.

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